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Marcos Paradis, M.Ing., B.Sc.


Marcos Paradis has a bachelor's degree in kinesiology from Laval University (2000) and a master's degree in engineering (ergonomics concentration) from École Polytechnique (2003). He is the founder of Go-Ergo inc. and holds the highest status from the  Canadian College for the Certification of Canadian Professional Ergonomists (CCCPE). He has carried out a multitude of evaluations and adaptations of workstations, and provided analysis of functional limitations.  Furthermore, he has been called to testify as an expert ergonomist.

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Go-Ergo is an ergonomics consulting company founded in 2012 and based in Pointe-Claire. The company has carried out more than 1,600 different mandates in the field of ergonomics, for employers in private and public sectors, as well as for workers' unions. Go-Ergo serves the greater Montreal region, but can also offer services in other regions or online consultation.


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  • Determine if the functional limitations of a worker are respected in the workplace;

  • Promote a return to work by reducing the discomfort and pain associated with work;

  • Assess the risk factors for injuries and the physical requirements of a workstation;

  • Look for possible solutions to reduce the risks to workers' health;

  • Legal expertise;

  • Evaluate computer workstations in the workplace or remotely using digital technologies.


  • Ergonomics for managers;

  • Office ergonomics;

  • Health and ergonomics;

  • Training for trainers;

  • Load handling;

  • Micro-break exercise program.

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  • Assistance to the Health and Safety Committee*:​

    • Establish occupational health and safety training and information programs for staff in the prevention program;

    • Participate in the identification and evaluation of ergonomic risks present in the workplace;

    • selection of the personal protectionequipment best suited to the needs of workers.​​

  • Research and development of new products;

  • Assistance in the choice of material;

  • Workspace planning and design to improve productivity;

  • Validation of workspace plans and layouts.

*"As of April 6, 2022, all establishments must form a health and safety committee under the interim regime as provided for in the Act to modernize the occupational health and safety regime" CNESST

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If you would like more details or a service offer, please don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you.

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Accueil: Témoignages

"Le fait d’avoir abaissé la tablette de mon clavier et la chaise rend mon poste de travail beaucoup plus confortable.  Je ne sens pas le besoin de réajuster ma chaise, mise à part, la hauteur lorsque j’ai à travailler à même la surface de travail.  Alors tout est bien ce de côté.


J’ai bien reçu mon clavier compact.  Mise à part le fait que j’aurai à m’habituer à cette nouvelle configuration de touches, j’ai pu rapprocher la souris vers la gauche.  Combiné à quelques raccourcis clavier nouvellement appris,  cette nouvelle configuration limite les mouvements latéraux de mon avant-bras droit.  C’est très bien.

Merci pour vos précieux conseils."


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